Through the Eyes of Animals

As Australia experiences huge destructive and traumatic fires, humans are deeply distressed at the plight of the animal kingdom.

Over the centuries, humanity has used, abused, and disregarded the value of animals unless there has been personal gain. As humanity finally lifts out of the darker ages of self-absorbed survival to become more aware and compassionate, we begin to see a developing love and respect for animals. People are interested that species are endangered or habitats are reduced. It is a joyful experience when animals respond to kindness and interact, making it obvious that the animal kingdom has emotions and connections which equal our community.

As Australia experiences huge destructive and traumatic fires, humans are deeply distressed at the plight of the animal kingdom. As horrific as this is, the evidence of a kinder, more compassionate human race becomes apparent at last. Thousands of people are desperate to assist in their survival with the highest loving intentions.

I have heard it said that when humans begin to respect the animal kingdom, then they begin to understand compassion and equality truly. If you know anything of Buddhist teachings, then you will understand that all sentient beings have value and a purpose in existence. It is true that the more we focus on becoming our better selves, the more we become aware of those around us, including animal kind. Often humans have struggled to find true pure heart love, and the tendency is to want more material possessions rather than concern ourselves with the plight of animals.

So how do we discover true love for more than ourselves and our kind? If a strong awareness of others around us, including the animal kingdom, does not come up on our radar, then how do we develop our sense of love? What comes first? Compassion or Love? Many of us are on survival mode after trauma, grief, heartache, struggle, and misery. It can seem hard enough without worrying about elephant extinction or dingo extermination. Yet, we have a responsibility to those creatures that we as a race have controlled. It is time to develop our love for them.

My lessons in developing a Higher Love frequency arrived with an unexpected tiny black Ragdoll kitten. This cat was not on my wish list, and I preferred dogs. Yet, this fluffy buddy has an obvious purpose in life. His personality is strong and reliant on nobody. He calls the shots, yet he also loves hard. It was this cat that brought my attention to animal kind in a whole new light. Already I loved animals, but I was about to learn a new level of love frequency. He took me under his care and began to teach me the art of animal whispering. He would tap my face in the middle of the night and stand close, staring deep into my eyes. Somehow I began to understand his wishes and eventually his words. He taught me about being integral with myself, putting my care first. He showed me that it is okay to ask for cuddles when needed and how to say no. His instinct for keeping safe was sharp, teaching me how to intuit who my allies are and are not. Mostly, I discovered his personality. I began then to look for the real personality and traits of other animals.

Viewing animals and imagining how their lives are in a human-based world is a powerful way to develop true compassion. From compassion, a real love of others develops. Animals are here to offer protection, guidance, support, and wisdom to humankind. However, in our ignorance, we have failed to recognise the gifts they bring. Perhaps you might sit quietly one day and study an animal. Observe and be intrigued by how this wonderful creature lives his life, loves his family, and brings amazing magic into the world. Your compassion will exponentially grow - what a wonderful way to find love.
As for the anguish of the fires and our animal losses, may we as a human community gather in loving respect to honour each one. May we develop an ever-growing awareness of the importance of all sentient Beings and the gifts we are blessed with from each beautiful animal soul. We humans can only become better and better at this loving respect. Many thanks to those that have worked tirelessly to show your love for the animal kingdom.



Article written by: Alexandra Browne-Hill


About the Author:


Alexandra Browne-Hill has been a nurse and midwife for nearly 40 years with additional qualifications in holistic counselling and natural healing therapies. With regular travel internationally, Alex has developed programs based on healthy connections to our body, mind and soul to develop our own wisdom. Using shamanic and indigenous wisdom in a western way combined with years of experience in the medical world, Alex can support you with your life concerns. Consultations, mentoring, seminars, workshops and international retreats available.



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