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Meet Jenna, a clinical naturopath, human design analysist and one of IICT’s wonderful Member Services Specialists.

Jenna is a true gem – she has an infectious laugh, regularly expands our minds with health facts and is deeply committed to her personal growth. Here, you’ll learn more about Jenna, discover her passions and read her top tips for natural therapists entering the industry.


“It’s imperative that the public can trust complementary therapists providing their services – which is what IICT works tirelessly to do. For me, IICT is a great place to be of service.”  

“It can be uncomfortable for therapists to put themselves out there. I can understand that, but you have to walk through the fire. You just have to do it.” 

With an insatiable quest for knowledge, Jenna has a Bachelor of Health Science, majoring in Naturopathy and Nutrition and has extensively studied Human Design and Medical Astrology. Although she has been with IICT for less than a year, working in the Members Services Team, it feels much longer. Jenna is a keeper and we’re lucky to have her.

How do your values align with the IICT mission and values?

I deeply value a holistic approach to healing. One of my highest values is health and wellbeing and IICT is immersed in that. I believe in making healing accessible to everyone as we need a multifaceted approach to health and wellness. Working for a company that deals with providing a certain level of credibility for an unregulated industry like complementary therapies was important to me. It’s imperative that the public can trust complementary therapists providing their services – which is what IICT works tirelessly to do. For me, IICT is a great place to be of service.

I also really love our team environment. We work together in a collaborative way yet are still independent. This is something that appealed to me from the start because it aligns with my values – independence and freedom – yet also being collaborative and co-creating.

What inspired you to enter the complementary therapy field?

My first experience of natural therapies was through my healing journey and discovering how an alternative approach to health served me rather than just going down the traditional Western medical system path alone. It’s not that I disagree with it, it’s just that it wasn’t holistic enough for me – it was the holistic approach to healing that helped me to shift out of my struggles with health. 

Because I experienced such a dramatic change in my health, I was left so inspired. I didn’t realise my body could feel so good. That inspired me to study and learn so that I could help others feel good too.

I learnt how to incorporate certain lifestyle changes, wholefoods and superfoods into my diet. I remember starting to take medicinal mushrooms, which was my first entry into herbal medicine, and I was like, ‘Wow, this makes me feel amazing.’ It blew my mind open and became a passion. I started noticing my skin was shining. I had this life back that I hadn’t had for a good seven or eight years because I was so malnourished. 

Although my healing was a slow process, it was enjoyable. I just wanted to learn everything about the human body, health and healing.

I’ve worked in the health field for over 10 years and have been a clinical practitioner for five years. During that time, I’ve worked with a lot of clients in a lot of different industries, so I have a profound awareness of the many different modalities available and how they can be used to help facilitate someone’s healing journey.  

What do you do at IICT?  

Lots of things! My main role is to make sure that our members meet a certain standard that holds credibility within IICT. We must be diligent in making sure that everything’s perfect. I work closely with our beautiful members in a customer service role, approve and review natural therapy membership applications, review certificates and research whether that certificate meets the industry’s minimum training requirements. I also approve new modalities on already established IICT memberships, help members access IICT insurance policies and ensure our members are utilising the many benefits of our complementary therapy memberships. Oh, and emails – lots of emails! 

Why do you work for IICT?

The amazing team, of course. It’s amazing working with a whole bunch of your best friends and we all share similar values. We all have a profound experience of being in the complementary therapy space, so we all share that passion. I love that we have more of a horizontal approach to management. We work independently yet have a place within the company where we can feel free to contribute where we can. There’s no hierarchy and I think that’s nice. Oh, and the sauna. I love the sauna and the massage chair!


What motivates you to help IICT practitioners thrive?

People are sicker than ever; we need more people in the healing industry. We need IICT. We need complementary therapies. Natural therapies can assist people suffering from many different ailments. Even if they need to go down the path of Western medicine, that’s fine - there are so many incredible adjunct therapies that can be used as well. 

Can you offer any valuable advice or tips to members?

Sharing free content, tips, wisdom and learnings on social media is a great way to generate engagement and gain momentum. When I graduated, I received a lot of enquiries and consultations through social media and it was largely due to the fact I shared so much.

I was also quite involved in my local community. I worked at a health food store and a yoga studio. I was always around the type of clients that were my avatar clients, and people just started to inquire organically.

Sharing and educating people on what your modalities are is very important, as well as being a living example and living what you believe. I think people get attracted to that. Placing yourself in your community or the right environment will attract your type of client. It might be Instagram or Facebook groups, for instance, or maybe getting that part-time job working in a clinic or a health food store. Whatever it is, you’ll be up against your ideal client which is helpful.

It can be uncomfortable for therapists to put themselves out there. I can understand that, but you have to walk through the fire. You just have to do it. 

I did a couple of talks at my yoga studio because they wanted some nutrition advice. Then I wrote some facts in an email that they sent out, and that went quite well. Getting involved with other local complementary therapy businesses is helpful, too.

It’s also important to ensure you have good systems in place. Client management system can automate invoicing, which saves you a lot of time. It takes time to set that up initially, but I’m passionate about creating systems because they help to unburden people.

Don’t be afraid of investing in support when it comes to marketing. I think a lot of people are hesitant about investing money, especially when you’re new in your business, but you must put some in to get return. Marketing is everything. So, if you can focus some resources towards it and you’re streamlining your systems so that you can deal with extra clients, then you’re in good shape. 

What do you do to manage your stress levels?  

Lots of time in nature! I love to observe the pace of nature and how slow it moves, which is very different to the pace of the Western world. I enjoy finishing work by walking along the beach, having a swim or just being near the water. I like going to my local bathhouse as well as it helps slow me down. I attend a daily tea ceremony which acts as a punctuation mark for my day. To have that hour in the morning where I just stop and meditate has added so much to my life.

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What hobbies or interests do you have outside of work? 

Dancing has always been a huge part of my life. I dance and teach Brazilian Zouk with my partner. Dance is another thing IICT and I have in alignment as we cover dance as a modality. The interesting thing about partner dance is that you’re dealing a lot with other people and, surprisingly, there’s a social psychology component to it as well. Through dance, I’ve learnt subtle cues, how to deal with people, how to manage people emotionally and with clear communication. This has helped me to grow and develop my skills as a dancer and dance teacher. Furthermore, it has helped my role at IICT as I’m interfacing with lots of customers all the time on the phone and through emails.


Article written by: Kate Duncan, IICT

About the Author:




Kate is Head of Content and Marketing at IICT and has been a prominent voice in the wellness industry for over a decade. Kate’s experience as the editor of two Australian health and wellness magazines offers a wealth of insights into the natural health space, which she now shares with IICT. Kate has extensively studied Yoga, Ayurveda and Massage Therapy.

When she’s not working, you’ll find Kate treasuring moments with her son, surfing one of Byron Bay’s beautiful breaks or spending time in nature with her family.


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