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At IICT, we are so proud of our members and training providers. Not only are they dedicated therapists excelling in the natural therapy space, but they’re elevating the global impact of the complementary therapy industry.

Now and then, it’s nice to have a humble brag. At IICT, we are so proud of our members and training providers. Not only are they dedicated therapists excelling in the natural therapy space, but they’re elevating the global impact of the complementary therapy industry. The more people who experience the benefits of natural therapies, the more people who live happier, healthier and balanced lives. This fosters a positive ripple effect throughout communities and society, ultimately contributing to a broader cultural shift towards holistic health and wellbeing.

Below you will read some of the reasons why our members and training providers choose IICT for their complementary therapy memberships. With a 5-star rating on Facebook with over 500 reviews and 4.9 stars on Google with over 140 reviews, this is just a small snapshot of IICT success stories. You can read plenty more reasons why our community chooses IICT for their ongoing membership, insurance and business growth support.


Are you practising multiple modalities?


“As a Reiki Practitioner and Lifestyle Coach, I highly appreciate the support and guidance offered through membership and insurance with IICT as well as their online community group and resources.”
~ Angie, Lifestyling with Energy

“One of the ways that IICT stands out to me as a professional practitioner and member of the organisation is the level of professionalism and access to ready-to-go marketing materials. The member portal truly is a help, especially when establishing a new practice or sole trader business. In my experience, this is quite different to other member organisations. Thank you, IICT.”
~ Dijana Harris

“Over the years I’ve joined a few different associations and I have found IICT to be the most informative and valuable. They have so many amazing offers for members, from networking, information on a range of modalities, discounts for further study, marketing information and more. I love the articles they share on their blog across a broad range of topics. If you are looking for a professional industry body, I highly recommend IICT.”
~ Natalie Jane

“I joined IICT as a means of accessing liability insurance that was specific to the complementary therapy industry. The affiliation with this professional organisation helps give added assurance to customers of my practice, The Balanced Dog, which is based in Christchurch, New Zealand. I have a canine practice and so much of the material produced for members is not relevant to me, but I have other professional memberships for this purpose.” 
~ Kathleen Crisley

“I was an IICT member nine years ago and re-joined again in 2021 with the increase of Zoom consultations. I am a Tarot consultant, Tarosophia (Tarot and the Seven Rays) teacher, counsellor-psychotherapist and healer. IICT allow easy access to insurance, contact with other therapists and like-minded people and is a great source of information. Thank you for your support, IICT.”
~ Lama France Richard

As you can see, there are many reasons why our approved practitioners are happy with their IICT memberships. Firstly, IICT offers a wealth of resources, including networking opportunities and business growth strategies. Secondly, our members appreciate the diverse range of modalities covered under the one policy as well as the helpful and friendly IICT team. Members have also expressed their appreciation of the specialised insurance products tailored to the complementary therapy industry, which adds an extra layer of credibility and assurance to practitioners and their clients.

Are you a training provider educating the next generation of therapists?


“I have been an IICT member for over four years, and I can confidently say that their support and resources have been invaluable to both myself and my students. As a practitioner and educator in the field of complementary therapies, IICT has provided me with a strong sense of professionalism and credibility. Their practitioner training program is incredible and ensures that practitioners maintain high standards in their practice. The wealth of resources and training materials offered by IICT has been instrumental in enhancing my skills and expanding my knowledge base. Not only have I benefited personally from IICT’s services, but my students have also found their guidance and support to be indispensable in their journey as aspiring practitioners. IICT’s commitment to promoting excellence in the field of complementary therapies is evident in everything they do. I wholeheartedly recommend IICT to anyone looking to establish themselves in the field of complementary therapies or seeking professional support and accreditation. Thank you, IICT, for your unwavering dedication to the advancement of holistic healing practices.”
~ Gabrielle Bentley, Light Leaders Academy

"As the owner of the Conversational Hypnosis Academy and Scott Jansen Academy, I cannot thank the IICT enough for the professionalism and support they give our hypnosis graduates. Having a strong support team like the IICT to help guide our students through what can be a confusing process when choosing the right insurance and coverage for their business is priceless. In addition, the support our training staff receives when upgrading our courses, changing details from our registered courses and also answering any questions they have is second to none. We can always rely on the IICT team to provide the exact details we need when upgrading our curriculum. Thank you from myself and my entire staff, we look forward to a long future with the IICT.”
~ Scott Jansen, Conversational Hypnosis Academy

“I have been with IICT for many years. I joined as I needed support for my Medical Intuitive business as well as business support, help with Indemnity and Liability Insurance, Professional Liability Cover and assistance with the Training Provider service. I have an accredited and internationally recognised Medical Intuitive Training and business and the service from IICT has been excellent – I cannot fault them. In fact, they helped me in ways that they probably don’t realise. Make sure to sign up if you are in the complementary therapy industry. Thank you IICT team - you are amazing.”
~ Jean Sheehan, Medical Intuitive Training

“I found it a pleasure to join IICT. The team were super friendly and helpful. They also provided all the information I needed when considering taking my program to the next level. They are professional, good-humoured and authentic. I have no hesitation in recommending IICT membership and IICT insurance to anyone interested.”
~ Dr. Sharon Moloney

“As a student and future healing facilitator, it’s important to have a support network that appreciates the holistic health field. IICT is an amazing organisation that offers social networking and links you to an insurance company. I am very glad I found a place to be recognised globally. Thank you IICT!”
~ Rebecca SzR

As you can see, our training providers express great satisfaction with their IICT memberships. When it comes to upholding our values, we take our job very seriously. Our training providers regularly praise our team’s unwavering support, professionalism and customer service – all of which we value immensely. They appreciate IICT’s global recognition, credibility and commitment to the growing complementary therapy industry. Additionally, our training providers value the opportunity to create or add a new modality to the field, the access to members-only insurance, plus so much more!

Are you a student or recent graduate?

“IICT was recommended to me by my school after I graduated. I enjoy being a part of a community of like-minded professionals from many fields, and I appreciate the straightforward application process. I am a member of multiple accrediting boards, and IICT is the only one associated with an insurance company that covers practitioners in Quebec, Canada. It is comprehensive, affordably price, and contains a variety of essential information for a growing business. I encourage joining IICT.”
~ Rani

“Almost 12 months ago, I joined IICT as a student member while completing my alternative therapies diplomas. The membership tiers vary depending on what you are offering or where you are currently situated on a business level and include options for insurance, too! Their resources are fantastic and include stationery kits, blogs, a practitioner directory and they send out a regular newsletter that has an abundance of information about other members. They also provide member-exclusive offers including heavily discounted training offers with other members. I’m currently a member of two of these types of organisations and I will only be renewing with one of them – IICT. Thanks team!”
~ Gemma Harvey

“IICT was recommended by my school on graduation and I’m really happy I explored them. The signup process was straight forward and the resources have been very helpful. Correspondence with IICT has been friendly and helpful. I speak highly of IICT and definitely recommend them.”
~ Suzie Wise

“IICT was recommended to me by my school after I graduated. It was an easy application process and I’ve received wonderful insurance as a member. I love being a part of a community of like-minded practitioners from a variety of fields. I highly recommend joining IICT.”
~ Amber Fallon

There are many reasons why our students and graduates are happy with their IICT memberships. They appreciate the straightforward application process and value the abundant business growth resources. The sense of community among like-minded practitioners from various healing arts is highly valued by our students and graduates – especially if they are new to the industry. As you can see, IICT is the preferred choice for aspiring practitioners hoping to find success in the natural therapy industry.

Have you had a career change and are entering the complementary therapy industry?

“I’ve been a member of IICT since 2021. I have gained so much knowledge and feel fully supported by the IICT community since changing my career and stepping into my role (QHHT Practitioner) over the past three years. I highly recommend IICT to anyone thinking of becoming a member. Being part of this community has not only helped me grow my practice over the years but also helped me grow as a practitioner. Their monthly newsletters and Facebook groups have been a wonderful tool and support system for me. Thank you, IICT.”
~ Emma Smith



Do you need your overseas qualifications recognised in Australia or beyond?

“All the staff at IICT were extraordinarily helpful in getting my business licensed in Australia based on my training and license in the United States. They actively worked with me to figure out which requirements were satisfactory and what additional training I needed. Most importantly, they were very human and open to dialogue to translate my expertise from one country to another country’s system. I am very grateful for IICT.” 
~ Benjamin Bruckman


Do you value authenticity, connection and community?

“I have been an IICT member for almost 10 years and have always found all the staff to be warm and have excellent knowledge with all my queries especially when this was all so new to me as a healer and yoga teacher. When I joined, Lawrence Ellyard called me personally to welcome me to IICT. That was a beautiful touch and I felt embraced by the community of healing therapists.”
~ Linda Turvey


Join IICT today

With all these success stories, what’s not to love about IICT? With 10,600 members, four different natural therapy membership options, international recognition of over 1,100 modalities, an incredible portal of member-only resources, tips for growing your business and an impressive referral program, IICT is the natural choice for complementary therapists.

If you’d like to join IICT and take your natural therapy business to new heights, we’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch with our friendly team or call +61 2 5629 7777 on Monday to Friday, 10am – 4pm AEDT.


Article written by: Kate Duncan, IICT

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Kate is Head of Content and Marketing at IICT and has been a prominent voice in the wellness industry for over a decade. Kate’s experience as the editor of two Australian health and wellness magazines offers a wealth of insights into the natural health space, which she now shares with IICT. Kate has extensively studied Yoga, Ayurveda and Massage Therapy.

When she’s not working, you’ll find Kate treasuring moments with her son, surfing one of Byron Bay’s beautiful breaks or spending time in nature with her family.


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