How To Harness The New Moon Energy To Fuel Your Business

With a new moon approaching, let’s explore ways you can harness this powerful energy within your business. The new moon energy lasts about 3 days so you have ample time to work with these rituals and techniques.

Did you know that you can work with the power and cycles of the moon in order to enhance your business? It’s a great way to use the current energy to work through and towards your goals. Working with moon cycles also means you’re not bound to standard quarterly check-ins or yearly marketing strategies. These are slightly outdated and very corporate ways of doing things. Being able to move in flow with the cycles of nature is a much more agile way to run a business and a much more fulfilling way to show up as an alternative therapy provider in the modern world.  
The new moon in particular is a beautiful time to get clear on your goals and the direction you’re taking your business this moon cycle. The new moon happens once per month and signifies the beginning of a new cycle. It’s like a cosmic reset, one you can use to reset yourself and your business. So with a new moon approaching, let’s explore ways you can harness this powerful energy within your business. The new moon energy lasts about 3 days so you have ample time to work with these rituals and techniques.  
1. Take a moment to reflect
Whilst the energy of the full moon is technically the best time to illuminate, reflect and release what no longer serves you. This is still an important practice to do for your business on a new moon. Take a moment to take stock of the last month. What felt in flow? What felt forced? What would you like to cultivate more of and what would you like to cultivate less of? Taking a moment to reflect and release will set you up for the next part of our business new moon ritual.
2. Set your business intentions
The new moon is an ideal time to set intentions you’d like to work on as the moon waxes towards fullness. Connecting to the lunar energy of the new moon can provide a grounding sense of direction. Intentions are slightly different to goals. They will inform the WHY (link to authentic marketing article) behind the goals you work towards.  As yourself, what will you focus on this month? Don’t see this as a goal. For example “I want to make $10,000 this month” but rather focus and write down the feeling or energy that you’d like to invite more of into your life during this cycle. This is a time for planting intention seeds. With these intentions you’re setting the focus point for your month ahead. And as the saying goes, "where your attention goes, energy flows".
3. Choose an affirmation
Affirmations are a powerful way to bring your intentions into fruition and literally rewire your brain. Your mindset as a business owner is incredibly important. It can be really easy to spiral down a negative self-talk hole or get stuck in a loop, repeating the same mistakes and patterns over and over. Creating an affirmation that you can repeat each and every day during the moon phases to come is a powerful way to energetically seal your intention whilst keeping your mindset positive! Once you’ve found an affirmation you resonate with, turn it into an “I am” statement. For example, “I am worthy of receiving abundance in my business” or better still, “I am abundant in my business”. Find the statement that resonates with you and what your current intentions are. You can write this affirmation down somewhere you’ll see it every day, as well as repeating it out loud and inside your mind. This process literally rewires your brain and is incredibly powerful for shifting your mindset.
Taking time out on or around a new moon is a powerful way to stay connected with the forces of nature. Make a ritual out of the above practices. Sip on ceremonial tea, light a candle, burn your favourite incense. Whatever you like to do to set up a space that helps you to feel connected and grounded energetically as you work through these practices.
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Article written by: Emma Maidment


About the Author:

Emma Maidment


Emma Maidment is a renowned, international yoga and meditation teacher known for her empowering and uplifting manner of educating, writing, and speaking. She aims to share powerful tools and techniques to help individuals’ reach their highest potential.

Emma writes for the media and is featured regularly in magazines and wellbeing publications, speaks at events and facilitates corporate workshops sharing all things yoga, meditation and wellness.

She is the co-founder of Flow States Collective and the host of The Flow Lane Podcast

You can connect with her on socials @emmamaidment_ & @flowstatescollective


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