Energetic Hygiene - Protecting Your Energy as a Practitioner and Why It Matters for You and Your Clients

Maintaining your energetic hygiene as a complementary therapy practitioner is just as important as your own personal hygiene!

As a complementary therapist you’re very aware that your own energy supply is a precious resource. Maintaining your energetic hygiene as a practitioner is just as important as your own personal hygiene! Energy burn out is incredibly common amongst the complementary therapist community and it can be tricky to find the balance between best practices for yourself personally that work in harmony with what serves your business and goals. Ultimately your clients are coming to you for your energy so if that energy isn’t thriving, what you offer won’t be as potent. Your energetic hygiene matters!  
How do you know it’s time to up your energetic hygiene?  
  • You’re feeling tired and/or irritable after sessions  
  • Your clients aren’t respecting boundaries that have been previously set  
  • You’re finding it hard to detach from the content of your sessions  
  • You notice a feeling of having ‘taken on’ some of your clients symptoms on any level - energetically, emotionally, physically  
  • You feel heavy, stuffy and restricted in your workspace  
  • Something feels ‘not quite right’ during your more intense sessions with clients  
1. Create a work environment that’s conducive to protecting your energy.  
It’s easy to discount the simple stuff. Especially as you become busier and more experienced. But never discount the importance of closing down your own energy field and creating an energetic flow in your work space that supports your energy protection. Wear the crystals, sage the room, close down your energy field and remove any attachments after a session. These are small simple things that you likely know how to do but are often forgotten during the flow of the day.  
2. Don’t take on more than you can handle
Enquiries are booming! People are desperate for appointments and the empath in you wants to help them all. Whilst it might seem like a ‘good’ problem to have, it’s a quick way to end up burnt out and depleted. It’s important to get really clear on what your limits are energetically as a practitioner. Notice how many clients you can see in a given day or week before you begin to experience any of the above symptoms. If you’re getting to the end of the day completely exhausted and burnt out chances are you’ve said yes too many times. Remember, people are coming to you especially FOR your energy so if you’re empty they also aren’t getting the most out of the experience. Find the balance between what’s sustainable for your energy and what supports the growth of your business.  
3. Set boundaries and uphold them  
Personal boundaries come in many shapes and sizes. They can be energetic, financial, physical, intellectual, sexual, emotional, physical and time related. It’s easy to come up with a list of boundaries for yourself as a practitioner based on your own need, but often a little harder to maintain them. Especially with clients that like to push boundaries. Awareness is the key here. If you notice a client is pushing your boundaries you need to nip it in the bud as quickly as possible. Communicate the boundary to them clearly and concisely from a place of love and if that boundary is overstepped honor yourself by cutting ties.
Energetic Hygiene
4. Create space for your own self-care and healing
Having a mentor or other practitioners you feel safe with is a beautiful way to ensure you are practicing what you teach! It can be a slippery slope to start healing and serving others whilst completely neglecting yourself. Find someone to work with who supports your growth not only as a practitioner but also as an individual outside of what you do for work. This will ensure you are continuing to grow and feel supported across all areas of life. 
5. Take up a hobby that’s not energy or work related  
When you work in wellness it’s easy for everything you do to become ‘work’ related. It is totally understandable, you love what you do and live and breathe it! Taking time away from the ‘world’ you’re in can be a refreshing way to gain perspective and a beautiful self-care practice. Explore a dance class, try poetry… essentially try something that’s unrelated to the work space that you’re in and do it ‘just because’. Play is an incredibly important tool for nervous system regulation and bringing more JOY to our lives. Do something for the sake of it and watch how your energy transforms and your cup fills up. 
Give these tips a go and observe if it has an impact on your personal and professional life. Taking time to refill your cup and maintain energetic hygiene is vital if you are to have a long and sustainable career as a complementary therapist.
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Article written by: Emma Maidment


About the Author:

Emma Maidment


Emma Maidment is a renowned, international yoga and meditation teacher known for her empowering and uplifting manner of educating, writing, and speaking. She aims to share powerful tools and techniques to help individuals’ reach their highest potential.

Emma writes for the media and is featured regularly in magazines and wellbeing publications, speaks at events and facilitates corporate workshops sharing all things yoga, meditation and wellness.

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