Ways to Cultivate A Lasting Social Media Presence for Your Complementary Therapy Practice

Need to drive sales, improve brand visibility & provide valuable customer engagement? Read how a lasting social media presence helps you grow a thriving practice.

Do you own a small to medium size complementary therapy business and are wondering how a lasting social media presence will help you grow a thriving complementary practice? Social media has transformed how brands target, find and communicate with the public. 

While building a presence and seeing a steady ROI may not happen overnight, used correctly, posting directly on the platforms (eg. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) that work for your business will encourage long-term user interaction, and customer loyalty as your practice continues to gain online recognition.

Social media plays a crucial role in supporting small businesses and startups in driving sales, improving brand visibility and awareness, and providing valuable customer engagement. Among the most notable benefits of social media for small businesses include;

  • Creating budget-friendly brand awareness with free social media accounts amidst current financial hardships.
  • Using tools such as Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads for targeted reach (specific demographics).
  • Making use of Facebook Events for upcoming events that may promote your natural therapy business.
  • Leveraging social media publishing tools to plan, schedule, and publish upcoming events that drive growth and meaningful customer engagement. You can also boost your B2B marketing by using social media as a tool to curate relevant content.
  • Using video to teach and provide more user engagement content that will build your following.
  • Using measuring metrics, including web reviews and feedback tools, to know what your competitor is doing to launch their campaigns or turn a profit.
  • Cross-promote your natural therapy business and grow your email list by linking your content to relevant websites, blogs, vlogs, etc.

Key Areas That Social Media Helps Small Business

Social Media is a powerful digital marketing tool that has greatly transformed the business landscape. It can help you build lasting relationships with your customers, boost brand awareness, and increase sales in the following capacities;


Brand Building

This is arguably the most obvious benefit of leveraging available social media platforms; why? Social sites constantly introduce new features, products, and tools that will help your business heighten brand awareness and sell your products and services to a broader audience.

For example, there are millions of small businesses that generate crucial revenue for Facebook. In turn, this platform naturally does all it can to create and release helpful feature tools such as Automated Ads, Appointment, Business Resource Hub, etc. These help startups grow their brand awareness, find new opportunities, and turn a profit.

One of the most profitable digital marketing platforms is social media that will allow you to reach potential customers and boosts your brand visibility in a competitive marketplace.


Omni-Channel User Engagement

As the name suggests, you can promote your natural therapy practice strategies and boost user engagement across different social media channels to engage and deliver a better customer experience. Marketing across multiple platforms means that potential can engage with your business through advertising, digital and commercial advertising, social media, relevant websites, and eCommerce platforms.

When done correctly, omnichannel marketing can lead to improved customer experiences and customer loyalty, better conversions, and as a result, result in increased revenue. Successful omnichannel marketing means creating even better user experiences to build long-term relationships and engagement between your customers and your natural therapy practice.

Provided you are consistent with establishing your presence across relevant social media channels; you will boost brand recognition with your loyal followers.

You also should ensure that interactions between all platforms are seamless and convenient such that your customers can connect with you through messaging features such as posts, comment tagging, product reviews, and feedback, etc. This way, your customers can communicate their needs, concerns, or queries about your business; in turn, you can educate them about your services while promoting your products to increase your sales and revenue.

Optimising omnichannel marketing through social media channels can help you reach out to the right audience, build brand awareness and launch a sustainable online presence for your natural therapy practice.


Increase Leads and Sales

Social media does more than provide a networking platform and creating an engaged fan base. Once you correctly identify your audience and learn buyer behaviour with the help of user-generated content (UGC), you can build goodwill and boost sales in many ways but more successfully through the following strategies;

  • Building a brand personality using relevant, friendly, and responsive social media strategy can directly increase sales. It would be wise not to ignore customer complaints, however trivial, because they are free promotion for your natural therapy business. It can take years to build customer trust and only a few bad reviews to topple your business empire. Responding to negative reviews or complaints as soon as you can, contains the bad, and you are more likely to win back your customers quickly.
  • Focus on building goodwill through indirect sales on social media, such as giving incentives to your customers before they use your services.
  • Boost customer retention and subsequent profitability using tools such as sending engaging email, incentivising returning customers with a loyalty program, offering them a discount to return, etc. You should also find exciting ways to vary your service offerings from the norm to spark renewed interest and keep customers coming back for more.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Use the tools mentioned above to help you stay on top of an ever-changing and competitive landscape. You can acquire a lot of information when you integrate these tools as part of your marketing strategy to increase advocacy for your complementary therapy practice. Continuously create engaging content and collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs on social media communities for a networking opportunity to grow your brand's visibility and expand your customer base.

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