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Build Resilience and Thrive During Uncertain Times

By Matt Malouf

4 steps to prepare for challenges and uncertainties that arise from rapid change.

It’s safe to say the last two years have been some of the most challenging and uncertain times for business owners. However, something I’m sure we can also agree on, is life is rarely perfect and we will regularly come across states of change and flux.

So, how can we be prepared for the challenges and uncertainties that arise from rapid change?

One of my mentors, Tony Robbins, says, “don’t look for more resources, but become more resourceful”. Building resilience in this way is the true differentiator between those who survive and thrive during these times, compared to those who don’t.

There are 4 key acts I've seen successful business owners adopt to build resiliency and thrive in the face of uncertainty.

1. A strong daily ritual

A daily ritual performed consistently will help you stay focused and present. The key to a great daily ritual is keeping it simple, attainable and consistent. Some items you can include in your daily ritual are meditation, gratitude, positive affirmations, writing your goals, journaling and learning (reading, listening or watching).


2. Effective time management

It’s easy to float through our days, waiting to complete tasks later because we have the time, or simply because we are lacking the motivation. Getting the right things done in a timely manner will see you create momentum, which in turn, builds business. You can effectively manage your time by capturing your ‘to-dos’ (on paper, project management app, etc), prioritising them and then scheduling time to complete them. As with all goals and habit creation, set yourself realistic and attainable timeframes to keep your motivation alive. One of the things I like to do each morning is spend 10 minutes ticking off as many things from my list as possible. This helps me build momentum every day and is a warmup for increased productivity and achievement.


3. Focus on what you can control

With so many aspects of our lives outside of our control, it’s important to gain clarity and come back to what is within our reach. The key to building resilience is to stop running west hoping to see the sun rise. Get clear on your desired outcomes, identify what items are within your control (these can be as simple as what meals you cook, what time you take a 15-minute break, how long you take to respond to that email) and act with purpose.


4. Keep calm and remember, this too shall pass

While times may be tough now, it’s important to focus on the steps we can take (what is within our control), rather than passively waiting and hoping things will go back to “normal”. It’s important to put things into perspective; just as after every winter there is spring, challenging times and uncertainty will continue to ebb and flow. We are on the road to a new normal and things may not be the same as they were – and that’s okay! Let go of how things were and allow new opportunities to take their course. Get clear on what your next step is and how to effectively execute it, and trust in the process.

Building resilience takes time and dedication, but the rewards are limitless. Everything you need to take your business from surviving to thriving is already within your reach - the time to start is now!

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Matt Malouf

About the Author:

Matt Malouf

Matt launched his career at Ernst & Young after graduating from Sydney University in Accounting & Finance. He has since enjoyed a varied career working with start-up ventures, through to some of Australia’s largest companies including Rio Tinto, AMP, and Aon Hewitt, enabling Matt to teach entrepreneurs how to apply big business principles in a small business environment to fast track growth.

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