3 Ways to Advertise Your Medium or Psychic Business on Instagram

The personal touch is often key when it comes to advertising for mediums and psychics on Instagram.

After all, most of your clients are looking to solve a personal problem through your services. Here are some ways that you can make use of modern tech to find the clients who are undoubtedly looking for you.


Offer Free Readings to Get Instant Attention

Nothing gets people more motivated than anything with "free" in the name. Seriously though, being able to get a psychic reading without feeling like you're risking anything is a huge way to get more people to try it out and overcome any kind of taboo they might have. You could do a free card reading once a week. Ask your followers to pick one card from an image of three or five cards. Then in the comments add a reading for each card. 

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful ways of connecting to potential clients. A recent study said that 92% of people believe the word of family or friends more than other advertising types. So, the hard part is getting to that word of mouth magic in the first place. Fortunately, you can take care of this with Instagram advertisements.

You can also add a lot of stories about what you do, and then tag them with words people are likely to search for in general. One of them could just be "free psychic reading" or whatever is appropriate for you.


Video Stream a Reading on Instagram

Another option is to do a live psychic reading and then stream it on Instagram. Seeing is believing, as they say, and many people may be wary about going somewhere that they aren't familiar with already. However, hooking into a live stream event is an easy thing that doesn't require a lot of commitment.  They will be able to see what it's like for them instead of trying to make it up in their heads and guess about it.

This helps to destigmatise it and make it seem more relatable. If you'd rather not do your event in that kind of environment do to the specifics of how you operate, you could also stream something else. For example, you could do some kind of Frequently Asked Questions event where people ask you things they've always wondered about your profession. This can also help to bust some myths about what you do.

A lot of people might have some interest in getting involved, but believe something that's not true about what you offer. If they can just watch you address these concerns, you could help remove the bad ideas, and with them the obstacles that keep people from contacting you. The result is that you end up with a lot of business!


More Traditional Instagram Approaches Actually Work for Mediums Too

If you go to Instagram, what you tend to find there are pictures of people along with motivational quotes, pictures of things associated with them or things they like, or pictures of them doing what they love to do. There's no reason why this can't also work for psychics and mediums. Many people who specialise in this category do exactly that for advertising their services on Instagram. They just have inspirational quotes along with personal images of themselves. Many pros said that people just find them through this kind of simple advertising on Instagram along with tagging.

It works even if the person who finds you lives far away because you can just do the session through the phone or a program like Skype. In the cases where you're worried about privacy, it's possible just to use Skype through a VPN to make sure only you and your client are privy to what's going on in the session. This way, you can use Instagram to advertise and the proximity between you and them won't really matter.

This really opens up options in terms of advertising so you don't have to worry as much about long-tail keywords or only trying to find people who are local.


Wrapping Up That Insurance

Finding insurance that works well with a more off-the-beaten-path practice like yours can definitely present its own challenges.  Fortunately, there's an easy solution to this. IICT offer insurance to practices run by mediums and psychics. Click here to discover more today. 

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