The Power in Healing the Past, in Order to Heal the Present and Future

Fortunately, there are many approaches to healing available today. I believe that every client is drawn to the modality and the practitioner they are ready for in that moment.

More people than ever are looking toward complementary therapies and moving away from traditional western medicine approaches. When you understand energy, you know that clients energetically find and choose you, which should eliminate any worry about competition. We only need to focus on our own energy, ensuring we are emotionally balanced and energetically clear. If something impacts you outside of your practice, park it so your own stuff does not impact your client and make a point of dealing with it later. I feel it is essential for practitioners, regardless of your modality to work on yourself to ensure you don’t project onto your clients. The higher your vibration the more effective you will be at raising your client’s vibration. 

It’s an exciting time to be a therapist. I am so fortunate to be doing what I do, I practice and teach an incredibly powerful modality that I created called MindEnergetix. I was initially trained in traditional Clinical Hypnotherapy in 2004 but once qualified with a diploma I didn’t feel I had enough skills or techniques to work with whoever walked through the door. I knew I needed to take clients ‘deeper’, but something was missing, I just didn’t know what. I trained in Past Life and Lives Between Lives Spiritual Regression and it opened my eyes to the potential of where I could take clients who were ready. I used powerful psychotherapy release mechanisms that enabled me to assist clients to release rather than change their limiting beliefs and trauma held within. I was finally free to follow my clients, no scripts, just energy and intention. With all of this experience and knowledge I created MindEnergetix. I feel it is not only a powerful modality for permanent healing and connection, it is a modality that is flexible and can blend in with your existing practice. Once you learn the core concepts and techniques you can be creative in how you use it to compliment what you are currently doing.

MindEnergetix uses hypnotic trance and regression as a foundation. It takes clients deep into into the pain they hold that has been suppressed and is impacting their health and well being. The intention of the work is to transform how the memory at the core of their issue is held through changing their perspective of what happened when their wounding occurred. The shift comes from a connection to their truth and knowing from a higher level of consciousness than they had access to when it first occurred.

Some people believe that by connecting to past trauma, you are reverifying the experience. I was initially taught in my traditional clinical hypnotherapy training to desensitize trauma. I’ve also heard ‘there’s no point going back to the past, it’s all about the now’. Well I’d like to offer some valid points to back up how and why healing past trauma is very beneficial for the now.

I have been in full-time practice for over ten years and have worked with hundreds of clients using age and spiritual regression. I continually witness client’s having profound healing experiences through going into their past in order to heal. The past is where the wounding occurs, and their memories are where their pain is held energetically. Unlike most traditional hypnotherapy approaches MindEnergetix embraces abreaction, which as you may know is an emotional response a client experiences during session when their trauma surfaces.

We hold every experience we have ever had, positive and negative in our energy field. Those memories are held as three points, an event that caused a belief to be taken on and the feeling generated. These memories are held as intensely as when we first experience it and the feelings and beliefs compound every time they are re-triggered in other events. Our subconscious mind protects us from pain and so it offers strategies, behaviors or responses to keep the pain from being felt. These strategies tend to become problematic and that’s when we usually seek the help of a therapist.

MindEnergetix tracks to the core of an issue, accessing the client’s four minds (conscious, subconscious, super conscious and collective unconscious). We empower them to access awareness and truth, that shifts their perception of what’s happening. Therefore, they cannot see the situation the same. The event still occurred, the memory remains untouched, however how they now see and experience it is completely different. Their pain transforms into their power or their peace, and they’re able to release the conditioning to reveal more connection to who they truly are. The beauty of that occurring is that the healing is permanent and powerful!

Therefore, healing the past not only heals the present but it also heals the future. They are completely free of the underlying limiting beliefs and trapped energy that was playing out in unhelpful ways. There are modalities that work on changing or releasing energy, some on beliefs, some on reframing an event that caused trauma. You may have seen client’s healing something that returns even years down the track. This happens when only one point is transformed and re-triggering another can bring the whole behavior back in. If only the belief or the feeling change re-triggering can bring the issue back into play.

MindEnergetix works on naturally shifting how they perceive their initial memory, so it is seen differently. When experienced and held differently, the limiting belief is realized to be un-true, allowing the truth to reveal their new belief. The energy naturally shifts and the experience is seen as a learning in life that contributed to who they are today. Therefore, the underlying issue cannot be re-activated.

I hope this has given you ideas for your own practice or ignited an interested in MindEnergetix.

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Article written by: Colleen Dooley


About the Author:


Colleen Dooley
Creator of MindEnergetix
Founder and Lead Instructor
MindEnergetix Institute


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