The Do's And Don'ts For Writing Your 'About Us' Page

Your About Us page is a chance to tell others what your business is all about. Here are tips to maximise the effectiveness of your About Us page and pitfalls to avoid.

Writing an "About Us" page is an excellent way to thoroughly introduce your business to potential clients. It's your chance to tell others what you're all about. In fact, it's been stated that it's one of the most visited place on business sites after the home page. Here are some things you can do to maximize the effectiveness of the page as well as pitfalls to avoid.


What To Do On Your About Page

Do Add Keywords

Keywords are one of the primary ways that potential customers are going to find your natural therapy page. This is because most people will likely find you through Google. In order to find you through Google, they need to search for your business or things that your business is about like "holistic therapy", "transformational coaching" or "women's circle" etc. If you put these sorts of keywords on your page, it should help with getting your business found online.

Do Imagine Your Customer's Perspective

The page should be about you and your business, of course, but it should also be about what you can do for the potential client. That is the purpose of your site online, after all. Mention your successes, what kind of services you offer in a broad sense, and how exactly you help people just like those reading your page.

Many potential clients also want to know how much you and them may have in common, especially if they are going to consider you as a natural therapist since this is often a rather personal thing. Talking about what sorts of causes you support, what your philosophy on life is, and anything related could do a lot to convince potential clients that you might be what they're looking for.

Do Be Personal

This is the exact part of your page where you should get into your personal views on things. You can mention your history, why you decided to get into this field you practice, what you love about it, how you feel that you've helped patients, and anything related to that. Again, clients are becoming more and more interested in understanding the personal side of the people behind the services they purchase.

Do Mention Your History

Details like where you grew up, where you went to college, how you first came into the business will help clients get a sense of who you are and how they might relate to you in general. It helps to humanise you instead of just making it look like you are nothing but a face on a screen.


Things To Avoid And What To Do Instead

Don't Use Generic Photos

Putting together a full About Me page can be exhausting, and the temptation might be to use stock photos of people looking happy, or of a field of grass or something to that effect. However, half the point of this kind of page is to have a personal touch. Real pictures of real places and people can help give clients that personal touch much more than some theoretical place.

Instead, they could be of you and where you work. They could be of members of your team or even of special events that you all participated in. Images, videos, and other visual media help to convey a feeling of what your business is about even more effectively than words can, so it's important to take advantage of the opportunity. Making your page stand out visually is going to be a big part of how it achieves success.

Don't Be The Only One Speaking

You don't want to just talk about yourself the whole time. If possible, you should include reviews and testimonials from clients so that they can be the ones to give you glowing reviews rather than you trying to hint at that yourself.

Testimonials from clients makes it easier for people to trust you, which is one of the main purposes of an About Us page.

Don't Forget To Include Extras

The About Us page is also an excellent place to add your credentials and specifics about what they mean and how you got them.

You can put special offers in here too, and that will often be an effective strategy since people often go to these pages to help make a final decision about whether to reach out or not. Adding a special about getting a free trial session or an offer that works well with your brand values can do the trick when it comes to encouraging potential clients to give a new business a try.

Don't Fail to Keep it Up to Date

It adds one more hurdle for someone to connect with you if the contact information on your About Us page or if the contact information doesn't work or is just totally wrong. That's why it's important to make sure that you continually update that information, as well as anything else about you or your practice that is going to be relevant to a potential client.

Having specials that are out of date will also potentially frustrate clients so pay attention to that as well. It may be a good idea to have a certain date every once in a while where you make sure that you check everything so that you don't forget. You can even remind yourself to do this in various ways such as through Google Calendar or some other calendar or app.


Protecting Your Business

Once you're getting enough traffic through the help of your "About Us" page, the next step is to make sure that you protect your business. One of the primary ways to do this is through a professional membership association like IICT as we offer benefits such as competitively-priced insurance cover for your natural therapy practice.

Having been in business for years, IICT has helped with providing insurance and membership for over 1,100+ approved natural therapies including Massage, Reiki, Yoga, Pilates, Hypnotherapy, Psychic Therapies, Art Therapies, Doulas, Meditation, Counselling, Bowen Therapy, Energy Healing, Reflexology, Health Coaching, Crystal Healing and more. Browse our comprehensive modalities list here.

For more information, about insurance for your natural therapy business, click here or contact us on +61 2 5629 7777 Monday - Friday 10am - 4pm NSW, Australia to speak with one of our friendly and helpful Member Services team.

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