Designing an SEO Strategy for Your Natural Therapy Business

SEO is built on the idea of bringing your business website to your ideal customers. For natural therapy businesses, this means attracting those in-need to your supporting services.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) the practice of applying certain steps to attract your ideal clients to your business website through organic search engine results. For natural therapy businesses, this means attracting those in-need to your supporting services.

Building an audience and client-base for your natural therapy business has always been a labour of love. We reach out through communities. Traditional marketing like local papers and well-placed signs often draw in customers nearby, but there's no denying that times are changing.

Today, local businesses need a Google map point and a well-optimised website for customers to be certain that they are truly available. With a population that researches everything online, reaching those who need natural therapy requires some SEO and inbound marketing finesse.

Of course, natural therapy isn't your average retail storefront. Every audience has it's own special mix of keywords and style. If you want to reach a natural therapy audience through SEO and appealing inbound marketing content, let's dive into the process of getting to know and then writing for your audience.


Claim Your Google-My-Business Listing

Most natural therapy brands are local practices. Natural therapy professionals and their clients often prefer to meet in person and go through the therapy methods while exploring the direct influence on physical health and wellness. The exception, of course, is natural therapy brands that focus on providing tele-health services and e-commerce supplies.

If you have a local practice, be sure to claim your address and fill out your listing on Google My Business. GMB is how you claim your map-point and become navigable map-apps. GMB is how Google suggests local businesses 'near me' to online searching customers. GMB is also a primary and trusted source of information about local businesses for customers looking to visit somewhere new.

Write a useful description, post your hours, and include a modest gallery of flatteringly informative photos. This is a baseline GMB profile. You can then fill in deeper information and engage your community with Q&A and review responses. If you deliver goods or book appointments, consider using GMB widget tools.


Natural Therapy SEO is Knowing Your Audience

SEO is a broad term for any tactic that improves search engine ability to bring your website to your ideal clients. In addition to properly building your website (page structure, metadata, etc), your main efforts will be inbound marketing using keywords and powerful content that draws in the kind of people who need and enjoy your natural therapy services.


Reaching Those In Need

For natural therapy, writing great content and creating powerful SEO are the same thing: Helping your audience. Because our professions are focused on holistic health and wellness, the best SEO to find clients is built on answering the questions people ask when they are in need. In order for your website pages to appear for interested potential customers, simply answer the questions that people ask when they are in need of a holistic health professional.

Consider the following common search queries:

  • "Feeling tired all the time"
  • "Rash that won't go away"
  • "Healthy weight loss"
  • "Depressed for no reason"
  • "Achy legs at night"
  • "Heartburn eating healthy"

These are the types of things that people search for when they need holistic health and wellness, but don't know what will solve their problem. People who are ill, imbalanced, or just overstressed with no relaxing outlet often suffer a variety of mysterious and hard-to-explain symptoms. They often search for relief without knowing the right medical terms to name their condition or find the solution.


What Your Natural Therapy Clients Search For

By knowing your natural therapy audience, you can choose the best keywords and topics for your SEO strategy. For each natural therapy profession, you will, of course, have several types of focus. A massage therapist, for example, will be focusing on keywords surrounding muscle aches, long-term pain, and also more lighthearted topics like relaxation and romance.

Tai Chi instructors will likely focus on fitness those seeking low-impact physical activity but will also likely target those who are seeking stress relief, life balance, and holistic physical health.

Your keywords aren't just from your specialty, however. They also come from knowing what your audience worries about, searches for, and wants to get from your professional services. Two practitioners of the same method may still have different communities and, therefore, different keywords to focus on. For example, your practice might have a higher concentration of seniors, or of new mothers, or of high-stress professionals, or of people recovering from medical injuries.

Each unique type of client in your community will define a set of keywords you can target, write for, and draw in more clients with similar needs through the power of SEO and inbound marketing.


Writing Beneficial Content for Powerful SEO

Put it all together and your SEO strategy lays itself out before you: Write for the unique needs of your audience. If you want powerful pages that will draw in - and then convert - those who need your services most, simply write for the needs of your clients and community.

  • Titles that offer to solve searched-for questions
  • Question-and-Answer content style
  • In-depth content that enriches the reader

Write titles and pose questions that mirror the uninformed searches of those who are seeking the answers to physical and spiritual ailments. Write about how to help the symptoms that your clients most often come in hoping to cure. Write about the lesser-known holistic reasons for common ailments like fatigue and heartburn.

Write about how your natural therapy methods are used to alleviate pain, relieve stress, and create a lifestyle that prevents these problems from returning.

Use your contents and headers to catch that SEO trend and guide seekers to the answers. Then fill in your content with in-depth answers that enrich your readers. This is the double-whammy of powerful SEO that also shows the best possible face of your natural therapy business.

Those who are suffering or seeking wellness will find your content because you ask the questions and then give the answers. When those answers are valuable, SEO-directed readers will then trust your brand and allow your final paragraph to guide the toward your natural therapy services.


SEO for Holistic Marketing

Perfecting the SEO strategy of your natural therapy business is still the labour of love that holistic marketing has always been. Only now, you have the potential to reach your clients when they are first asking the question "how can I feel better?" SEO is the ability to reach a wider audience and to maintain your presence in the community as we become an increasingly digital world.

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