Easy Ways To Refresh Your Website

Your website is a powerful tool that can help you attract new clients and help people find information about your practice. But if your site is out of date, it may actually do the opposite of what you were hoping for.

While it's clear that keeping your site accurate and fresh is important, sometimes it just falls by the wayside. But your website is an invaluable marketing tool, so you should work to refresh it often.

Read on to learn why refreshing your website is so important, how often to update it, and some tips about keeping your site up to date. 

Why It's Important To Refresh Your Website

Things are always changing for your business. You're hiring new staff, launching new services or initiatives, and updating prices and other information. Keeping current and future clients up to date on what your offering is important, and you can make sure this happens by regularly refreshing your website. A quick and regular website refresh can ensure that information is accurate and help your clients find what they need.

And in the same way that things change at your business frequently, so do web design trends. It's important to keep up with the latest web design trends so that your site looks fresh, modern, and attractive. When customers land on an outdated website, it may cause them to bounce or doubt your expertise, which could mean trouble for you. A website refresh can help you make sure that you're keeping up with all the latest design trends and can make your business more trustworthy.


How Often To Update Your Website

How often you update your website depends on how often things change in your business. If you add a new staff member, change your hours, services, or prices, or have information that's no longer relevant, you should update that immediately. Having incorrect information on your site can harm your marketing efforts. If people encounter information that isn't accurate, you may lose them as a customer. Quick updates like these are easy to make and won't take much time, so don't hesitate to make these edits as soon as possible.

It's also a great idea to totally update your content and web design elements relatively often. You can plan ahead for these revisions every three to six months or annually, depending on your business strategy. During these planned updates you can ensure that your web design looks modern and all the content on your site is fresh. These larger website revisions are an opportunity to change the structure and look of your website, and a/b test different elements to see which your audience responds best to.


Your Website Refresh Checklist

When refreshing your website, there are a few key elements you should focus on. Here's a handy checklist to go through when you think your website is ready for an update:

  • Review your existing content. Sometimes, statistics, data, and information may change. Look over your old content and keep an eye out for any data that needs to be updated, including dates. Also, make sure you double-check for any other issues or mistakes. Sometimes, there are things you can miss or overlook many times without noticing, and it never hurts to check things again.
  • Incorporate important keywords to help with SEO. Think of the keywords that people may use on search engines to search for your business services and incorporate them into your website's page content. A great way to incorporate important keywords is by writing a monthly blog post. This way, you'll constantly have new content for clients to read and you'll be improving your SEO at the same time.
  • Update images and videos. People love visual content so updating images and videos regularly is a great way to keep the look and feel of your site fresh. When you update your website, take a look at your logo to make sure it seems modern as well.
  • Update copyright date. Your copyright date at the bottom of your website should always reflect the current year.
  • Make sure social links are working and contact details are up to date. Social media is a great way for your audience to connect with your business, so you want to make sure these links are working properly. Also, make sure that your contact information is correct so potential customers can get in touch with you if they have any questions.
  • Double-check that links, buttons and CTAs are working and up to date. Broken links or buttons on your site seem unprofessional and can turn potential customers off. Check every link that you have on your site to make sure it points to an active page.
  • Ensure your site's structure is easy to navigate for your users. Think logically about how someone might use your site. When a potential client or customer visits your site, what information are they looking for? Is it clear where to go to find that information? It's a good idea to have an easy-to-use navigation bar so people can find their way to where they need to go.
  • Test that your website is mobile compatible. More than half of web traffic is mobile, and that percentage is only growing, so if your site isn't optimised for mobile, you're missing out on a lot of traffic. Make sure your site looks great in all browsers and on all devices.

Ready To Refresh Your Website?

If your site is starting to seem a little stale, it's important to fix it now before you begin losing out on traffic. Follow the steps above to get started, and remember to keep up with changes regularly to make sure that you don't get overwhelmed. If you find that you have a lot of website marketing issues on your hands and too little time to figure it out, hirring a professional marketing agency can help you get things straightened out. Regular site refreshes can keep your customers happy and your business running smoothly.


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