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7 Tips on How to Design the Perfect Yoga Studio

By Lawrence Taylor Ellyard

A Complete Yoga Studio Design Guide

Here are some tips on how to create the perfect your yoga studio:

Start With the Basics

First, you'll need adequate space for your studio, regardless of the number of classes, you'll need sufficient space to create a serene environment. You don't want to crowd your students in a small area –a crowded space beats the whole idea of yoga. 

Set aside some space for a reception area/foyer. Such spaces are great for forming relationships with your students. You'll be better placed to help the students more if you know what they want. 

While at it, ensure that you don't expose the class spaces to your reception area. Distractions between classes will lead to unfulfilled sessions for your students.

Most of the yoga drills rely on a quality floor. Hardwood or bamboo should do just fine for the floor. The idea is to provide a reliable, comfortable base for your sessions. Ensure that the floor, and the studio at large, is always clean. 

The Big Picture

It is okay to offer a variety of yoga classes for meeting different objectives. An overarching focus for your yoga studio would, however, be far much better. You could choose to focus on:

  • Fitness training
  • Tranquillity
  • Spiritual 
  • Rehabilitation
  • A specific style of yoga
  • Mind-balance
  • Gender-specific sessions

The idea is to get a driving objective for your students. With a clear perspective, you'll have an easier time designing the rest of the studio. The theme, colours, and accessories should all support your overall outlook.

Think About your Studio's Style

What vibe do you want to create for your students? How do you want them to feel when they get to the studio? What about when they leave? Think about such questions as you select the most appropriate style for your yoga studio. Pinterest is a great place to get started and will help you find a style that resonates with you. Click here to get started with this Pinterest board that features 188 yoga studio design ideas. 

Here are a couple of designs you could think about:

  • A natural theme: Plants and natural materials will create a soothing, welcoming feel
  • Light and airy: Blend a lot of natural light with expansive spaces
  • Minimalist: Especially great is your studio has standout architectural elements including high ceilings, industrial-style large scale windows and expansive wooden floorboards. The emptiness will allow your students to truly relax and concentrate on their movements
  • Health Spa: Use tropical plants, supplied mats, a refreshing tea station and fill your bathroom with all the luxuries including organic products, hair dryers, straighteners, hair ties and towels

As you think about the theme, consider the studio's setting, the age of your students, and your tastes and preferences. You could also find out what your competition offers to distinguish your studio.

One last thing on the style: ensure that it is consistent throughout the studio. 

Set the right tone

The theme and tone of your yoga studio go hand in hand. You'll do yourself a lot of good if you choose the colour scheme carefully. Individual colours will also have their say on the overall emotion of your studio and branding.

Be Light Sensitive

Looking to improve your yoga studio design? The proper lighting should do the job. The design elements and overall appearance of your studio rely on the light fixtures along with the light given off. Overly bright lights might let you down here – avoid them if you can.

Go for natural light rather than artificial lighting. Natural light removes any chance of bright spots that are a great distraction for your students. For your night sessions, work with a fairly dim environment. A light that you can easily customise will be ideal.

If you must use artificial lighting during the day, pot lights are a great choice. They'll help to spread light throughout the studio evenly. Track lighting might be the other alternative.

Get the Scent Just Right

There is no doubt that yoga will generate some body odour. A little tone of incense should cover this odour. Incense also works well if you are looking to set a good mood.

Don't forget that the overall scent boils down to different studio types and students who frequent the place. Not all your students fancy a pungent atmosphere. 

Just like your style, you want people to associate your studio with a particular smell. So try and keep the incense flavours consistent. Your students will enjoy the familiarity that comes with a regular smell.

On perfumes, discourage your students from wearing them when they come for classes. A no-perfume policy will be a great place to start. Some of your students may be allergic to perfumes. Moreover, perfumes and sweat don't go so well together.

Use Cool Music for a Tranquil Environment

Music plays a significant role in the whole yoga experience. Soft music will create a relaxed environment allowing your students to make the most of the yoga sessions. Choose the studio's music based on your students and the yoga you offer. Remember to be consistent with the choice of music.

Are you working on a low budget? Here are a few ideas you could try out:

  • Improve your space with the right colour scheme.
  • Great window adornment will give your studio a fresh touch.
  • Place fabric wall hangings and classy photographs in the non-class area. 
  • Leverage on natural lighting to create an ambient environment.
  • Improve your indoor space with plants and small trees, especially the reception area.

Limited resources should not stand in the way of your creative ideas.

In Conclusion

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Lawrence Taylor Ellyard

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Lawrence Taylor Ellyard

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