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Using Instagram to Market Your Business in 2020

By Lawrence Taylor Ellyard

Instagram is quickly establishing itself as one of the more influential social media sites online with its unique visual style, and as a result, it's one of the best ways to market your natural therapy business. Here's a guide complete with tips for getting started with marketing on Instagram.

Create Videos

One of the very best ways to reach an audience that might be interested in your practice is to create videos. If you upload videos, you’ll find that you’ll get far more engagement than if you just upload images. But the secret is not to just upload any video, ideally it needs to be a few minutes long and engaging.

To do this you'll need to use IGTV. You can post your video to Instagram and then after 60 secs (the maximum duration for a video on your Instagram feed) watchers are automatically pushed to IGTV to watch the rest of video.

Over half of video marketers recommend video marketing as one of the best way to promote your business. This is especially the case when it comes to marketing your natural therapy business since there is such a strong emotional, and sometimes even spiritual, component which is often captured best on video.

Try Out Live Video

One of the only things better than marketing with video is to make a live Instagram video. It's often a lot more interactive than other approaches, since not only can people ask you questions, but you can respond to those questions and they can then respond to the new information. In other words, you can get deep engagement and convey information much more efficiently to the people who tune in. 

It allows people to discuss their fears and concerns about using your services and gives you the opportunity to overcome any objections. This will help create trust with a potential customer and build rapport. You are literally marketing yourself, and there are fewer better ways to do that than a direct conversation using live Instagram videos.

Use Contests

There are few tools for marketing on Instagram better than holding a contest. The visual nature of Instagram means you can represent the potential rewards for your contest in a highly compelling way.

Only 0.56% of all Instagram posts involve contests, so in a highly saturated social media landscape, this can help give you a competitive edge. Statistics indicate that you can grow your audience 70% faster than normal by holding contests.

Respond to Comments

A highly underrated way to drive interest in your brand on Instagram is to actually respond to comments, both on your page and on pages your follow. You may not be able to respond to every single comment, but every one that you do respond to will be highly appreciated and have a potentially huge effect since word of mouth is one of the best kinds of advertising and endorsement.

You'd be surprised just how much a few comments in reply to people's questions can boost your audience and raise interest in your brand and your practice. Your followers will also be more likely to comment if they know you;re listening and will reply. After all, social networks are supposed to be social. 

Remember That Content is King

There's no beating having quality content that people can relate to and that is actionable in some way. In other words, content that creates some kind of emotional reaction in the people who read it will be much more shareable and useful vs. the kind that doesn't.

The content that you put out on Instagram will be an ambassador for your brand. People will associate that content with your services and with you in particular. Instagram is a visual social network, so posting great looking images and videos is important. There are some great templates that you can purchase for around $20-$30 on sites like creative market that will give you a polished look. 

When it comes to natural therapy and holistic healing, the best content is often the kind that promotes health and wellness in some way that's uplifting to the reader so that they want to like your post. Instagram’s algorithm means that the more video views of likes your posts receive, the more it will shared with your followers. Not everyone who followers you will see everything you post, but if engagement is high Instagram will reach more people.

Get Yourself Some Extra Help

At IICT we have a range of useful articles and resources to help market your business. You might also like to follow along with our IICT Instagram page here. To learn more about the ways IICT can help your business , including saving you thousands of dollars with an all inclusive membership and insurance solution that covers all your modalities under one roof, contact us today.

Lawrence Taylor Ellyard

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Lawrence Taylor Ellyard

Lawrence Taylor Ellyard is the CEO and Founder of the IICT with over 25 years experience in the natural health industry. Lawrence has been instrumental in developing the IICT's operations both within the Australia and Internationally.

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