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Essential Checklist for Great Reiki Brochures, Pamphlets and Flyers

By Lawrence Taylor Ellyard

One of the best ways to drum up business for your Reiki practice is to leave brochures, pamphlets, and flyers at community gathering places. This can include community centres, martial arts studios, gyms, and coffee shops; if the place is tied to natural healing or healthy living, you are even more likely to find people who resonate with your mission.

However, to make these brochures and flyers effective, you'll want to make sure the follow items are all addressed if you want to have an excellent marketing tool on your hands. Consider each option when you are making a new brochure or flyer for your business and plan them out in your Business Plan to give yourself the best possible chance of success. 


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Choose a Pleasing, Calming Colour Palate 

Reiki is often associated with healing and calming, so using soothing blues and purples as well as very few sharp lines can be a great way to immediately catch the eye of potential clients.

If they are looking for something calming during a time of stress or fatigue, a beautiful piece of paper offering a healing service may be exactly what they need. Look through your available brochure options in your publishing software or on an online design program like to find the most soothing options available.


Highlight the Name of Your Business for Immediate Recognition

Don't be afraid to put the word "Reiki" and the name of your business in large, distinctive letters. You want your brand to be advanced by this marketing tool, so the viewer should immediately understand what you are advertising. If you have a distinctive logo, this is the time to use it.

Since paper flyers are often passed from person to person, you will gain recognition in your community if people start to see your logo in multiple places. If your logo or business name is also visible on the outside of your practice, people will begin to associate the pamphlets they see with the business they also pass in town.


Choose Photographs that Contextualise Reiki

For those who haven't experienced Reiki, a flyer's text descriptions may not be enough to convey information about the experience. A great Reiki brochure will give enough information to make sure that a new client is not surprised or alarmed about the experience before arriving at your practice.

Photographs demonstrating some Reiki technique can help put the minds of new clients at ease, helping them realise what is normal and beautiful about the practice. Photographs ease people's natural worries about practices that involve their bodies.


Offer as Much Contact Information as Possible

Too many flyers advertise a product or service but then forget to allow viewers to reach out with questions. It is best to have social media pages, email, as well as a phone number so that anyone who wants to contact you for more information can reach out using their preferred format of communication.

Some will prefer to scroll through your Facebook page, seeing what kinds of things you post, while others will want to hear your voice on the phone, so giving as many options as possible makes you seem available and open, while also getting as many clients as possible to make contact.


Create a Clear Call-to-Action

Try not to spend the whole brochure focused on the benefits of Reiki; this is a clear and important part of advertising your business, but there needs to be a simple final step for people to take. In some cases, you might say "call to speak with a Reiki professional," while in other cases, you might offer a free "10 minute demonstration and explanation session" if that is what you think will make customers comfortable.

The call-to-action is your chance to focus the potential client's newfound interest in Reiki toward a particular action: while generally increasing awareness about Reiki is good, getting them through your business' door is even better.


Include Testimonials from Clients

When beginning a Reiki business, you'll want to get a few early clients to talk about their experience with you and to take notes. The things they say about your style of Reiki practice will be helpful as a testimonials section for your pamphlets and brochures.

When people affirm that your work is good and has stress-reduction benefits as well as healing power, readers of your promotional materials will be more apt to try out your services. The descriptions that others give about your work will also, generally, be in more layperson terms, rather than the specialised language of Reiki practitioners, so they will help to make Reiki easier to understand for the average client.


Offer a Monthly Discount or Referral Bonus

One of the best ways to make your pamphlet or flyer valuable to your future clients is to offer a discount or bonus when they bring the flyer with them to the practice. Often, the only excuse someone needs to get help with healing their body is a little 10% off coupon; it isn't a major discount, but it makes it seem like now is the right time to seek assistance.

It is a good idea to make your discounts time-bound, since you won't want someone coming in with a 5-year-old coupon that made sense when you first opened your business but is a loss of revenue now. Consider discounts that promote regular attendance, like a punch-card system that rewards frequent Reiki clients.

You can also give the discount and flyer as a referral to your loyal clients: by offering them a discount based on the new clients they recruit. Overall, offering some kind of discount, will be a valuable addition to any paper marketing materials you create.

With these strategies, you are sure to experience excellent results from your Reiki marketing strategies. Paper flyers, pamphlets and brochures are great for word-of-mouth marketing of your Reiki business, maintaining the personalised element of the healing practice while getting important information into the hands of new clients.


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